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  • march 28 2018
    MAME 0.196 update
    Mame informations updated to version 0.196.

    New feature added:

    • New option to view a particolar type of image in games and software searches

    • Search for similar games, see advanced Mame search filters (this feature is still under development)

    • Searches for romset, parent, clone and bios now use the exact match of the term and not a part of the text

    • Imported another 248 'u' releases of Mame.
      These versions are: 0.100u2, 0.100u3, 0.100u4, 0.101u1, 0.101u2, 0.101u3, 0.101u4, 0.101u5, 0.102u1, 0.102u2, 0.102u3, 0.102u4, 0.102u5, 0.103u1, 0.103u2, 0.103u3, 0.103u4, 0.103u5, 0.104u1, 0.104u2, 0.104u3, 0.104u4, 0.104u5, 0.104u6, 0.104u7, 0.104u8, 0.104u9, 0.105u1, 0.105u2, 0.105u3, 0.105u4, 0.105u5, 0.106u1, 0.106u2, 0.106u3, 0.106u4, 0.106u5, 0.106u6, 0.106u7, 0.106u8, 0.106u9, 0.106u1, 0.106u1, 0.106u1, 0.106u1, 0.107u1, 0.107u2, 0.107u3, 0.107u4, 0.108u1, 0.108u2, 0.108u3, 0.108u4, 0.109u1, 0.109u2, 0.109u3, 0.109u4, 0.109u5, 0.110u1, 0.110u2, 0.110u3, 0.110u4, 0.110u5, 0.111u1, 0.111u2, 0.111u3, 0.111u4, 0.111u5, 0.111u6, 0.112u1, 0.112u2, 0.112u3, 0.112u4, 0.113u1, 0.113u2, 0.113u3, 0.113u4, 0.114u1, 0.114u2, 0.114u3, 0.114u4, 0.115u1, 0.115u2, 0.115u3, 0.115u4, 0.116u1, 0.116u2, 0.116u3, 0.116u4, 0.117u1, 0.117u2, 0.117u3, 0.118u1, 0.118u2, 0.118u3, 0.118u4, 0.118u5, 0.118u6, 0.119u1, 0.119u2, 0.119u3, 0.119u4, 0.120u1, 0.120u2, 0.120u3, 0.120u4, 0.121u1, 0.121u2, 0.121u3, 0.121u4, 0.122u1, 0.122u2, 0.122u3, 0.122u4, 0.122u5, 0.122u6, 0.122u7, 0.122u8, 0.123u1, 0.123u2, 0.123u3, 0.123u4, 0.123u5, 0.123u6, 0.124a , 0.124u1, 0.124u2, 0.124u3, 0.124u4, 0.124u5, 0.125u1, 0.125u2, 0.125u5, 0.125u6, 0.125u7, 0.125u8, 0.125u9, 0.126u1, 0.126u2, 0.126u3, 0.126u4, 0.126u5, 0.127u1, 0.127u2, 0.127u3, 0.127u4, 0.127u5, 0.127u6, 0.127u7, 0.127u8, 0.128u1, 0.128u2, 0.128u3, 0.128u4, 0.128u5, 0.128u6, 0.128u7, 0.129u1, 0.129u2, 0.129u3, 0.129u4, 0.129u5, 0.129u6, 0.130u1, 0.130u2, 0.130u3, 0.130u4, 0.131u1, 0.131u2, 0.131u3, 0.131u4, 0.132u1, 0.132u2, 0.132u3, 0.132u4, 0.132u5, 0.133u1, 0.133u2, 0.133u3, 0.133u4, 0.133u5, 0.134u1, 0.134u2, 0.134u3, 0.134u4, 0.135u1, 0.135u2, 0.135u3, 0.135u4, 0.136u1, 0.136u2, 0.136u3, 0.136u4, 0.137u1, 0.137u2, 0.137u3, 0.137u4, 0.138u1, 0.138u2, 0.138u3, 0.138u4, 0.139u1, 0.139u2, 0.139u3, 0.139u4, 0.140u1, 0.140u2, 0.140u3, 0.141u1, 0.141u2, 0.141u3, 0.141u4, 0.142u1, 0.142u2, 0.142u3, 0.142u4, 0.142u5, 0.142u6, 0.143u1, 0.143u2, 0.143u3, 0.143u4, 0.143u5, 0.143u6, 0.143u7, 0.143u8, 0.143u9, 0.144u1, 0.144u2, 0.144u3, 0.144u4, 0.144u5, 0.144u6, 0.144u7, 0.145u1, 0.145u2, 0.145u3, 0.145u4, 0.145u5, 0.145u6, 0.145u7, 0.145u8, 0.146u1, 0.146u2, 0.146u3, 0.146u4, 0.146u5, 0.147u1.
      For many of these releases, the source and the compiled executable is now available in the download section, as well as all the specific information such as the xml and changelog gamelist.

    The imports of the few remaining versions will be done in April, along with minor corrections of these xml.

    Here you will find informations about this release: , ,
  • february 28 2018
    MAME 0.195 update
    Mame informations updated to version 0.195.

    New feature added:

    • Fix ClrMamePro export

    • Fix layout for mobile devices

    • Added 92 Mame 'u' releases: 0.69a, 0.69b, 0.69u3, 0.70u1, 0.70u2, 0.70u3, 0.70u4, 0.70u5, 0.71u1, 0.71u2, 0.71u3, 0.72u1, 0.72u2, 0.74u1, 0.74u2, 0.75u1, 0.76u1, 0.76u2, 0.77u1, 0.77u2, 0.77u3, 0.78u1, 0.78u2, 0.78u3, 0.78u4, 0.78u5, 0.78u6, 0.79u1, 0.79u2, 0.79u3, 0.79u4, 0.80u1, 0.80u2, 0.80u3, 0.81u1, 0.81u2, 0.81u3, 0.81u4, 0.81u5, 0.81u6, 0.81u7, 0.81u8, 0.81u9, 0.82u1, 0.82u2, 0.82u3, 0.84u1, 0.84u2, 0.84u3, 0.84u4, 0.84u5, 0.84u6, 0.85u1, 0.85u2, 0.85u3, 0.86u1, 0.86u2, 0.86u3, 0.86u4, 0.86u5, 0.87u1, 0.87u2, 0.87u3, 0.87u4, 0.88u1, 0.88u2, 0.88u3, 0.88u4, 0.88u5, 0.88u6, 0.88u7, 0.89u1, 0.89u2, 0.89u3, 0.89u4, 0.89u5, 0.89u6, 0.90u1, 0.90u2, 0.90u3, 0.90u4, 0.91u1, 0.91u2, 0.92u1, 0.93u1, 0.93u2, 0.93u3, 0.94u1, 0.94u2, 0.94u3, 0.94u4, 0.94u5

    The imports of the remaining 300 versions will continue until completion, approximately for the entire month of March.

    Here you will find informations about this release: , ,
  • february 5 2018
    MAME 0.194 update
    Mame informations updated to version 0.194.

    Here you will find informations about this release: , ,
  • february 4 2018
    MAME 0.193 update
    Mame informations updated to version 0.193.

    Here you will find informations about this release: , ,
  • february 3 2018
    Server update
    The hardware update has been completed.
    As soon as possible I will integrate the latest releases of Mame.

    New feature added:

    • New colors.ini resource, available in the detail page of each game. Author headkaze / © Copyright

    • New controls.xml resource, available in the detail page of each game. Author SirPoonga, last online archive on