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Using this page you will be able to retrieve data from the website and therefore be comfortable for any uses on front-end, scrapers and other software.
The informations you find here are always up to date with the latest changes, so this is the only supported version. That's precisely why I have added a release field that will be useful in case of problems.


The returned information should always be used by citing the source, authors, and copyrights.
You can use one or more of the following data to indicate the source:
Scraping using Arcade Database by motoschifo

Anyway, before you start using this page, let me know it with a so that I can add your name to the thanks/credits page and maybe I can implement new functions not yet scheduled.


All names and images are used here for informational purposes only ("Fair Use" usage, per 17 U.S.C. Section 107), Their use neither detracts value nor inhibits sales in any way.
All copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective copyright and trademark holders.
MAME® is a registered trademark of Nicola Salmoria.
All trademarks registered. Please use the for any question.


In order to provide services to everyone (scraper, site users, video creators, administrators), it is strongly recommended to use a single connection per ip address at a time, that is a single thread to query and download files for each user.
In case of bandwidth problems, I could set limits on these connections or not allow downloading files.
Whenever possible join together the calls. For example, looking for 10 romsets informations instead of making 10 distinct calls. With this system there is less overhead and the server can provide more people at the same time.
Data can be transmitted using GET or POST methods. If you are using the first method, pay attention to the number of characters in the url and keep it to a maximum of 800. Going further could cause problems during processing of requests.


Unless otherwise indicated, all data informations are in json format and UTF-8 encoding. Use a decoding/parser library so you do not have problems if I add parameters in future.
Outbound parameters will always be these:
release (int) Release number of the function, useful to check if any changes have been made to what was returned the time before.
I will try to keep compatibility with the past so changes will probably be only new input parameters or added output data.
result (object) It contains the data of the specific function and may also vary considerably (see below for more information).
If there is a problem (maintenance site or internal error), an HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable message will be returned.



Requires informations, images, videos, and other data regarding one or multiple Mame romsets.
The data returned refers to the last available release for the single romset.

Detailed informations
game_name (string) Romset to search, multiple values separated by semicolons are allowed. Ex. "mslug", "mslug;mslug2;atetris"
use_parent (bool) Optional, it indicates whether to read the data from the parent if the game is a clone and has no info.
The check is done for a single resource, so an in-game snap and a parent's marquee may occur.
Values: 0=No (default), 1=Yes
resize (string) Optional, it indicates the resizing of all images at a given resolution:
0 - original image (default)
100 or 100h - scaled to 100px in height
200 or 200h - scaled to 200px in height
300 or 300h - scaled to 300px in height
100w - scaled to 100px in width
200w - scaled to 200px in width
300w - scaled to 300px in width
Any other value is ignored and has a resize effect at 200px in height. The aspect ratio is maintained and a Lanczos filter is used for the operation, which is performed on the fly (it requires additional server cpu time).
lang (it|en) Optional, it indicates the language to use for translations of some terms (eg for genre).
Normally, you should not specify this parameter and set instead the browser header. After the first call this value is saved on the cookies and will be the default for subsequent requests.
The result is an array of objects, each containing these elements:
index (int) Progressive number, starts from 1
url (string) Url for detailed game informations
game_name (string) Game romset. Ex. mslug, atetris
title (string) Game title. Ex. Metal Slug, Tetris (set 1)
cloneof (string) Romset of the parent game, if any
manufacturer (string) Manufacturer
url_image_ingame (string) Url of in-game snapshot image file (png format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1)
url_image_title (string) Url of title snapshot image file (png format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1)
url_image_marquee (string) Url of marquee snapshot image file (png format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1)
url_image_cabinet (string) Url of cabinet snapshot image file (png format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1)
url_image_flyer (string) Url of flyer snapshot image file (png format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1)
url_icon (string) Url of icon image file (ico format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1) [Release 2]
genre (string) Genre of the game, from category files. Ex. Fight, Drive, ecc.
players (int) Number of supported players
year (string) Year of release of the game. It may contains symbols to indicate release date not accurate. Ex. 19??
status (string) Emulation driver status.
history (string)
history_copyright_short (string)
history_copyright_long (string)
Mame history from www.arcade-history.com or progettoemma.net.
There are two copyright entries (a long one and a short one) and you need to show one of the two contents somewhere, for example immediately below the text
youtube_video_id (string) Youtube video ID (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1).
You can add direct or embedded links like this:
url_video_shortplay (string) Url of shortplay video file (mp4 format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1).
The video is encoded in mp4 format (h.264 + aac) at the game native resolution.
url_video_shortplay_hd (string) Url of shortplay high-definition video file (mp4 format), empty if not present (this will be checked also on parent if use_parent=1).
The video is encoded in mp4 format (h.264 + aac) and the resolution is scaled up to 1080p from original raw (uncompressed) video.
emulator_id (int) Internal emulator id, useful to check romset update.
emulator_name (string) Name and release of the emulatore. Es. "Mame 0.189 (30-aug-2017)"
languages (string) Supported languages, comma separated values
Values: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Czech
Additional languages can be added in future.
rate (int) Medium game rating. Values starting from 0 (no rating) up to 100 (maximum rating) with steps of 1.
short_title (string) Simplified name of the game. Removed additional information from the game name like "(set 1)" info, etc. [Release 3]
nplayers (string) Players and player modes, from nplayers.ini (Nomax) [Release 4]
input_controls (string) Input controls types, from gamelist.xml (Mame) [Release 4]
buttons_colors (string) Input buttons colors and labels, from colors.ini (headkaze) and controls.xml (SirPoonga).
The format of the text is "control1:color1:label1;control2:color2:label2;..." [Release 4]
release 1, sep-2017 Added new output data url, emulator_id, emulator_name, languages, rate and changed players from string to integer. Added this documentation page.
release 2, apr-2020 Added new output data url_icon
release 3, jun-2020 Added new output data short_title
release 4, aug-2020 Added new output data nplayers, input_controls, buttons_colors



Provides the number of downloads allowed based on the available bandwidth of the server.
The limits are set on several levels, by number or file size: ip address/daily, daily, weekly, monthly.
If only one of these values is reached, download files from the site are not allowed.
The information is updated in realtime.
Detailed informations
- No available parameters
The results are these variables:
download_limit_files (int) Number of files available to be downloaded
download_limit_bytes (int) Size in bytes available for download
versione 1, gen-2020 Added this documentation page.