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All files in this page are publicly and free of charges available, thanks to the passion that everyone puts in what he does.
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I wrote a utility for Windows that lets you download all the extra files of this site in a very comfortable way and with a few clicks.
This program actually can do (and will do) many things, including:

It's a nice project I started in september 2015 and you find the zip file (already downloaded 2,179 times).
The program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 libraries, you can find the setup package .

NOTICE: To save the provider's bandwidth, if you need to download all the mp4 videos I recommend you do using the site (always updated).
Use the download function as a zip archive and then update with this program.

If you have suggestions please let me know ;)

MDE - Mame Dat Editor

This program has been created by an idea of AntoPISA and lets you edit the DAT files normally used with Mame (command, history, mameinfo, gameinit, etc.).
It's useful for checking errors or incorrect data and there is a connection to this site to get the game titles, software lists or links to tabs.
With great imagination I called Mame Dat Editor, or simply MDE ;)

The program can handle different file types: generic, command, gameinit, mameinfo, sysinfo, messinfo and for some of these supports the italian version.
This is what you can do:

You find the zip file (already downloaded 506 times).
The program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 libraries, you can find the setup package .

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