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jun-30 2024
MAME 0.267 update
Mame informations updated to version 0.267.

Here you will find informations about this release: , ,


This site aims to collect information on games and emulators, with special attention to the MAME .
Using the search pages you can view a quick snapshot of your games (images, videos, manuals) and know all the informations.

In detail it's stored the whole story of a game and there will be the ability to filter the data for the version number of the emulator.

The idea for this site dates back to several years ago, around 2010, but only at the beginning of 2015 I decided to put it into practice.
Here's my introductory published on the forum and where you can follow the evolution of the work.
Remember that for some functionality you need to .

For more informations, please visit the for this project on ArcadeItalia.net.


Linked to the site, I started the project VideoSnaps that is created primarily to offer to everyone, and free of charge, short movies (also called shortplay) of all Mame games, inclusing software lists titles (ex-Mess). The download will always be free, it don't require any login and no payment of money.
Here you will find all references: ArcadeItalia , Google Drive folder, Mega folder.
The videos were made by a few people (mostly by me, AntoPisa, adolfo69) and each file contains information about who produced it. Gladly accepted contributions from everyone, but before this contact or read the various links that I have reported.

More details are available on this .

If you have payed for these files please let me know because it was a scam.


I opened a YouTube which is hosting all the videos created in order to have an idea of ​​the work done to date. These files are loaded automatically each time a conversion is made and the uploaded video is automatically added to the convenient (eg. Nintendo 64, NeoGeo Pocket, etc.).

Update: The channel has already been closed and re-opened 7 times after several reports about supposed violation of the rules of the community. In fact there have been no violations at all and now it's back online. Probably this will happen again in the future, so if you find the channel closed, just wait for the outcome of the appeals that
I will do as soon as I receive this message type.
Please be patient...

Credits and thanks

In the page I summarized the tools and files I used to create the site and the database. If I forgot someone please let me know.

The site is created in his spare time, so some things may not work properly and not on all browsers. For development I use Firefox and Chrome on Linux systems.
Not all pages are completed and some of these may need enhancements, I ask you to be patient and maybe report what's wrong. I will try to correct the issues and reply to all.

Have fun ;)

WARNING: If you are looking for the roms or the games, I'm afraid you are on the wrong site because here there is nothing like that.