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You just requested a new login password.
Check your inbox, in a few minutes you should receive a message with instructions to complete the registration process.
NOTE: If your e-mail address is on Hotmail or Live domains, the notification will not arrive instantly and you will need to wait hours.
If you did not receive the message you should check the SPAM folder.
The sender is arcadedatabase@gmail.com so in this situation be sure to create a filter to prevent this in the future.
In case of further problems, you can send a message to the administrator using the and supply the address you used to register.
You can also send a message directly to the email .


If you've forgotten your login password, you can request another by typing user or e-mail address and pressing the button below.
You will then receive a message in your inbox with a link to confirm the operation, at the end of which you will get a new login password generated by the system.
Once logged back as a registered user you can change this password with one of your choice.


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For security reasons, the request for a new password will invalidate any external login granted to this day for this user. In other words, if you saved password tokens in utility like ADB-Tools, you will need to re-enter the password for the next launch.
Remember that the password is NEVER saved in plain text on website or locally on computer (i.e. ADB-Tools) because in those occasions a random key is generated and that key has no validity as access to the website.

In caso di ulteriori problemi puoi inviare una segnalazione all'amministratore tramite indicando la mail o l'utente che hai utilizzato per la registrazione.
Puoi anche inviare un messaggio direttamente all'indirizzo di posta .

Note sulla privacy
Non è possibile tecnicamente conoscere la password attuale, quindi l'unico modo per poter accedere al sito è creare una nuova password.
Per motivi di privacy, se indichi solo l'utente non potrai conoscere l'indirizzo di posta e viceversa.
Queste operazioni saranno tracciate usando il tuo indirizzo ip, il nome del tuo sistema, la data e l'ora dell'operazione, al solo scopo di essere di aiuto in caso di problemi.