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Main data
Romset and title:
rsgun Radiant Silvergun (JUET 980523 V1.000)
Software list:
stv Sega Titan Video cartridges
Average user rating:
First release:
Mame 0.162 released on may-27 2015
Last release:
Mame 0.265 released on apr-24 2024
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  • Sega ST-V cart. published 26 years ago:

    Radiant Silvergun © 1998 Treasure.

    Sometime in the future, scientists have discovered a diamond-shaped alien device deep in space. The mysterious alien device detonates while being probed, starting a chain reaction which destroys the entire planet. Fortunately, there's a group of slap-happy space cadets who are up in orbit who aren't affected by the explosion, but witness it, so they decide to do something about it - which means finding a way to travel back in time to avert the catastrophe before it happens!

    Radiant Silvergun is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up rendered with a superb mix of 2 & 3-D graphics, and is widely considered to be the finest ever game of its type in what is a very crowded genre.

    Part of the reason for the game's huge success is in the implementation of its weapons system. Unlike other shoot-em-ups, all of the game's weapons are available to the player from the very beginning. Silvergun's control panel consists of 3 different fire buttons, each of which activates a different weapon; either 'Vulcan', 'Homing' or 'Spread'. In addition, players can activate 4 extra weapons using a combination of the t3 fire buttons. These are:

    • A + B = Homing Plasma
    • A + C = Backwards Wide Shot
    • B + C = Homing Spread
    • A + B + C = Radiant Sword

    At the start of a game, the player's weapons are very weak, but they can be 'powered-up' by shooting same-coloured enemies (chaining), in a fashion similar to gaining experience for a weapon in a role playing game.

    Runs on the "ST-V [Sega Titan Video Game System]" hardware.
    Cartridge ID: 610-0374-98

    Players: 2
    Control: 8-way joystick
    Buttons: 3

    Radiant Silvergun was released in May 1998 in Japan.

    Toshiba EMI released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack + - TYCY-5613) on 07/08/1998. The soundtrack was so popular that it was reprinted by Absord Music Japan (Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack + - ABCA-5043) on 24/03/2004.

    • Radiant Silvergun's weapons in detail:
    1. VULCAN (A button): a devastating forward firing set of plasma bursts (heavy fire forwards the enemy). This is potentially the best weapon against any enemy, when at full power it can take down even the toughest enemies in a few shots. The only disadvantage is that it's fire is very concentrated and as such you need to move a lot to avoid fire.
    • HOMING (B button): green homing pulses which target anything that is hovering around you. Even though it is initially weak, at full power it becomes very powerful and requires less movement than the Vulcan.
    • SPREAD (C button): a wide shot which goes further the longer you hold down the fire button. A little tip; rapidly press the fire button to create a explosion shield around the front of your ship.
    • HOMING PLASMA (A+B buttons): a double trail of homing lasers which target anything within a 120 degree angle in front of your ship. Moderately powerful, and has a habit of targeting the wrong enemy.
    • TAILGUN (A+C buttons): a Thunderforce-style tailgun shot which is invaluable in many areas; especially the areas where you get attacked repeatedly from behind.
    • LOCK-ON SPREAD (B+C buttons): slow moving but powerful shots which target anything in close range. (NOTE - THIS IS THE ONLY WEAPON THAT CAN LOCATE THE SECRET DOGS).
    • RADIANT SWORD (A+B+C buttons): the game's most powerful weapon. Collecting ten pink bullets with the sword powers up the RSG meter, once full you can use the Hyper Sword and destroy almost everything on the screen.
    • Chain bonus: break the same color enemies 3 times without a break.
    • Secret bonus: break the enemies with Red -> Blue -> Yellow. If you destroy the enemies with the following pattern, will get 2 Chain Bonuses and 1 Secret Bonus [Red ->Red->Red->Blue->Yellow->Yellow->Yellow]
    • Weapon bonus
    1) Vulcan: Hit over 200 times without a break.
    2) Homing: Hit over 300 times without a break.
    3) Spread: Hit 16 times before Spread explodes.
    4) Homing Plasma: Hit over 10 seconds against 1 enemy.
    5) Back Wide: Hit over 300 times within 2 seconds.
    6) Lock on Spread: Hit an explosion over 15 seconds.
    7) Radiant Sword: Hit over 5 seconds.

    • Secret character Merry Dogs: You can find secret character called 'Merry Dogs' by Lock on Spread. For example: at the starting of 1st Stage, Merry Dogs is hidden in lower-right position on screen.

    • Radiant Silvergun (1998)
    • Ikaruga (2001)

    Directed/Produced by: Hiroshi Iuchi
    Assistant Director: Namie and Merry
    Based on Story/Screenplay by: Hiroshi Iuchi
    Tyrant Programer: Fukuryu
    Zako Enemies Program and Set by: 1998/Nami
    Boss Enemies Program by: 2015/Nami
    BG, Demo, 5 Bosses, Tool Program: Atsutomo Nakagawa, (133MHz)
    Inu Program: Choko Monkey
    Object Design: Dad Oginon, Naokiman
    Object Design Rookie: E-Suzuki
    BG Graphic: Hiroshi Iuchi 11
    Character Designed by: Han
    Music by: Hitoshi Sakimoto
    Sound Effects: S. Murata
    Opening, Ending Picture by: Gonzo
    English Translation: Haruko Hosaka
    Special Thanks: Koji Ohto, Akiyoshi Shinpo, Kaoru Uno
    Debug Cooperator: Kji, Shirotg, Waka, Kazuhiko Murakami
    Debug Dog: Merry
    Executive Producer: Masato Maegawa

    A Sony PlayStation port of this game was planned, but eventually scrapped, as the console did not have enough power to generate the huge amount of sprites the game requires.

    [JP] Sega Saturn (jul.23, 1998) "Radiant Silvergun [Model T-32902G]"
    Xbox Live Arcade (2011)

    Edit this entry: https://www.arcade-history.com/?&page=detail&id=2157&o=2
    Informations provided by © Alexis Bousiges
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Radiant Silvergun (JUET 980523 V1.000)
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