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CarnEvil (v1.0.3)
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Main data
Romset and name:
carnevil CarnEvil (v1.0.3)
Midway Games
Shooter / Gun
Driver source:
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Input / Controls
Up to 2 players (solo, 2 concurrents)
Buttons / keys:
Not supported
Avarage user rating:
AntoPISA BestGame:
70 to 80 (Good)
MASH All-Time:
640x480@57 Hz, CRT 31kHz
Analog Devices ADSP-2115, MIPS R5000 (little)
2 channels
Audio chips:
CD/DA, DMA-driven DAC, Speaker
First release:
Mame 0.77 released on nov-11 2003
Last release:
Mame 0.206 released on jan-30 2019
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Not required
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  • This Arcade Video Game was published 21 years ago:

    CarnEvil © 1998 Midway Games, Incorporated.

    CarnEvil is a rail shooter arcade game using a light gun. The game is set in the fictional town of Greeley Valley, Iowa. The main character's, Jacob (Player 1) and Lisa (Player 2), join a tractor-drawn trailer called Spooky Sam's Ghost Tour on its path through a cemetery. According to an urban legend, if a golden token is inserted into the jester's mouth on top of the tombstone of someone by the name of Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, a haunted amusement park will rise from the earth.

    Jacob leaves the tour with his friend, Lisa, and approaches the tombstone to find a golden coin sitting in a small hole on the tombstone, and surprised, Jacob inserts the coin into the jester's mouth, resulting in the legendary undead carnival rising from the ground. Jacob and Lisa take 2 [shotgun or shotguns] from the shooting gallery at the entrance and use them to fight through hordes of monsters, zombies, and insects as they escape.

    First, Jacob and Lisa go to the "Rickety Town". There, they hop on the "Slay Ride" and battle several demonic elves, zombies dressed as goofy dinosaurs and flying bug like things and see Betty trapped on a ferris wheel. Finally, they battle "Krumpas", a Santa Claus like monster.

    Jacob and Lisa then go to the "Haunted House" and battle through hordes of zombies, spiders, ghosts and bats. They notice that Betty is being chased by zombies. Jacob and Lisa enter the building and encounter Hambone, a large Jason Vorhees-like creature with a gatling gun for a hand. Jacob and Lisa defeat Hambone and proceed through the building. They find Betty being kidnapped by a Giant Spider upstairs and go after them. After going through "the hall of hands", Jacob and Lisa fight Hambone once again, who now has a skull launching grenade launcher for a hand, and is defeated again. Jacob and Lisa go onto the rooftop only to be pushed off by the car into a grave with a tombstone saying "Rest in Pieces". Jacob and Lisa at last fight "Evil Marie" who, after being defeated, falls on a tombstone.

    The 2 then visit the "Freak Show" where they encounter Conjoined Acrobatic Men, Flies and Maggots with human heads, 8 legged monkeys, and a giant demon called "Eye-clops", a cyclops with more than one eye. They kill the monster and enter "The Chamber of Horrors", where they find Betty in a torture device. They leave to a Colosseum and fight "Junior", a Frankenstein-Like baby (or through the options menu, they can fight "Deddy", a disfigured Teddy Bear).

    Then, they enter the Big Top, and fight clowns and circus animals to reach the center ring, whence they are taken to Tökkentäkker's zeppelin to face Tökkentäkker and his jester Umlaut.

    After defeating Tökkentäkker and surviving the explosion of his airship, Jacob, Lisa, and Betty awaken a few hours later in a pile of leaves in the cemetery, and in front of Tökkentäkker's tombstone. Jacob then sees the token in its slot and, ignoring Betty's protests, puts it into the jester's mouth for a repeat performance.

    Midway Seattle hardware

    Main CPU: R5000 (@ 150 Mhz)
    Sound CPU: ADSP2115 (@ 16 Mhz)
    Sound Chips: (2x) DMA-driven (@ 16 Mhz)

    Players: 2
    Control: lightgun
    Buttons: 2

    CarnEvil was released on October 31, 1998 in North America just in time for Halloween.

    The title of the game is a pun for 'The Carnival of Evil'.

    The following movies are referenced in the game in some sort of way: Carnival of Souls (1962), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), and Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988).

    The following poem appears at the start of the game:
    When the moon is full and the trees are bare-
    Walk through the Cemetery if you dare.
    Where skeletons rot and corpses fester-
    Locate to the tomb with the skull of a Jester.
    Feed him a token all shiny and new-
    It is then that CarnEvil will return for YOU!

    Rob Zombie's 'Superbeast' is used for one of the attract sequences in the game.

    The characters from "Trog" make a cameo in the Freak Show section, where the cavemen are frozen in a block of ice, the label states 'Frozen in time!'. The Dinos of Trog are enemies in the Rickety Town level.

    It is said to be 'perhaps the most twisted video game ever' by the LA Weekly.

    Jeff Matza holds the official record for this game with 2,083,180 points on February 19, 2000.

    • Crazy Hats & Afro Haircuts: Choose the Haunted House stage and then shoot five times before the stage starts. You will see that the zombies and other characters will have crazy hats and even afros on their heads!
    • Easy Kills: When starting the game don't go to the haunted house, either go to the freak show or the other one. After you beat the other stages go back to the haunted house and keep on shooting the mini-boss in the face mask until his mask comes off - then shoot him in the arms until you see one blow off. The next time you battle with him shoot him in the head and the missing arm that will give you a chance to survive him. After that you will encounter the main boss. Start to shoot her clothes off, that will make her weak so that you can beat her easily {you can do this on any boss or mini-boss}.
    • Defeat 'Hambone' Easily: The main weak point of Hambone, level one end-boss, is his large Gatling gun. That's right, just keep shooting as fast as you can at his gun and you will waste his energy and keep him from shooting at you. During the brief moments when he is not shooting, fire at either his head or legs but be sure to keep shooting the gun. As the screen moves from the right side of the hallway to the left, grab the shotgun that appears! Marksman lose very little energy on Hambone.
    • Defeat 'Hambone the Revenge' Easily: Like his precursor, Hambone the Revenges' weak point is his Gatling gun (For this battle though, you should definitely have the machine gun). Unload on his gun, which shoots skulls instead of bullets. If you are playing alone, only three skulls should be fired; but with two players Hambone may fire six. Hambone the Revenge is probably the only end-boss that is best tackled alone.
    • Defeat 'Evil Marie' Easily: At the beginning of the battle, shoot at either Evil Marie's body or head until her clothes have fallen off or her face has been bloodied. Thereafter, focus on her weak point the hickey on her neck. Marie is a formidable foe who is best attacked with a friend.
    • Defeat 'Krampus' Easily: Krampus, the fourth level end-boss, is probably the toughest enemy that you will have to face. Shoot at his head and chest until these areas are bloodied. Then concentrate on his chest, which will open and expose the heart his main weak point. Krampus' legs and groin are also vulnerable. And in 2-player games, it's best for each character to train his firearm either above or below the torso.
    • Defeat 'Eyeclops' Easily: To defeat Eyeclops, you will need to shoot every eye on his body. Although this sounds difficult, it really isn't. Rapid fire (and a decent aim) is the key. Shoot the eyes on his chest first, then go for the extremities!
    • Defeat 'Junior' Easily: Junior, the last end-boss, is the easiest to defeat. It's quite possible to beat him without getting a scratch. You will need to shoot every part of Junior's pudgy body until it turns red which means targeting the head, limbs and even his diaper! During one of his tantrums, when he rips apart the roof and vomits, make sure that you shoot the last morsel of yellow upchuck (If you don't, Junior's last meal is on you!). When he's all red, shoot the darker leg and give him his final spanking!
    • Arcade operators can replace Junior with a boss called Deaddy in the game's additional adjustments menu.

    Based on a concept by: Jack E. Haeger

    Executive producers: Neil Nicastro, Kenneth J. Fedesna
    Production manager: Paul Dussault
    Programming: Samuel Christian Zehr, Jason Blochowiak
    Art: Scott Pikulski, Samuel Lewis Crider, Martin Murphy, Rowan Atalla, Martin Martinez, Jack E. Haeger
    Lead game code programmer: Samuel Christian Zehr
    Background movies (Direction and animation): Samuel Lewis Crider, Rowan Atalla
    3-D character design: Scott Pikulski
    3-D character animation & Motion capture: Martin Murphy
    Original score & Sound effects: Kevin Quinn, Jason Blochowiak (Special Thanks)
    Opening & closing cinematics by Blur: Stephanie Taylor (CG producer), Aaron Powell (CG supervisor / animator), Kirby Miller (animator), Eric Prinkel (animator), Tim Miller (creative director)
    Texture paintings: Martin Martinez
    Cabinet graphics: Daniel Vincent Bigelow
    Gun & cabinet design: Chris Bobrowski, Tom Kopera, Dave Link (Special Thanks)
    Voice talent: Phoebe Fuller-Spichiger, Marc Falkenberg, Scott Pikulski, Stephanie Eckles, Martin Martinez, Rob Berry, Mary Lin Muscolino, Jack E. Haeger, Bethann Smukowski, Frank Welker (Enemmies voice)
    Motion capture talent: Jack E. Haeger, Martin Murphy, Carlos Pesina
    Hardware support: Sheridan Oursler, Rosalind Dugas, Leroy Brown, Pat Cox
    Creative media: Christa Woss, Dave Paulus, Jennifer Chervenick, Patrick Fitzgerald, Bethann Smukowski (Beth Smukowski), Matt Derner, Tim Moran, Dave Grossman, Andy Lycke, Jim Tianis (as Jim Tiannis), Chris Skrundz
    Game testers: Brian Lebaron, Paulo Garcia, Mike Vinokour, Eddie Ferrier, Alex Gilliam
    Midway sales: Mark Struhs, Rachel Davies, Jenifer Gloria, Ron Baum, Lenore Sayers, Mark Chan, Joe Bundra, Vince Moreno, Michael Sengelmann, Marty Glazman

    Special Thanks To: Greg Schwem, Stan Adams, Betsy Shepherd, JTC Advertising, Todd Ford, Dan Bransfield, Dave Tobey, Quincy Gourguechon, Bob Boulin, Linda Hansen, Casey Kundert, Michael Goss Photography, Ravenswood Studios
    Game testers (Special Thanks): Darren Walker, Charmaine Pitchford, Black Sheep
    Midway Sales (Special Thanks): Sasao Ohata
    Many Thanks: John Root, Sheila Quinn, Ryan Quinn, Sal Divita, Yu Gu, Dr. Seuss, Jim Gentile, Princess Serenity, Mark Guidarelli, Kristin Ersland, Nellie King, Ed Keenan, Amy Atalla Hill, Kevin Day, Nik Ehrlich, Pat Goschy, Mike Lynch, Carol Decroix, Jack August H., Paul Martin, Cary Mednick, Mark Meyers, Herman Sanchez, Tom Anderson, Matt Booty, Yan, John Madeya, Rico Encarnado, Norma Rodriguez, Brian Eddy, Pfutz, Jason Skiles, Bill Dabelstein, Cindy Martinez, Steve Correll, Marshall, Don Knapp, Dio, Andy Eloff, Dewey Gosnell, Janice Becker, Dieter, The One Armed Man
    The Big Bunyan Riders: Rob Berry, Vince Pontarelli, Jon Hey, Rich Carle, Kevin Quinn

    Despite its popularity in the arcade department, the game itself was never made compatible for home consoles or computers.

    Edit this entry: https://www.arcade-history.com/?&page=detail&id=393&o=2
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CarnEvil (v1.0.3)
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CarnEvil (v1.0.3)
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