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Street Fighter III: New Generation (USA 970204)
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sfiiiu Street Fighter III: New Generation (USA 970204)
Nome semplificato:
Street Fighter III: New Generation
Picchiaduro / Scontro
Street Fighter
Sorgente driver:
Giochi simili:
Input / Controlli
Fino a 2 giocatori (singolo, 2 contemporanei)
Joystick 8 direzioni
Pulsanti / tasti:
Non supportato
Voto medio:
AntoPISA BestGame:
MASH All-Time:
384x224@59,599491 Hz, CRT 15kHz
Non indicato
Hitachi SH-2
2 canali
Chips audio:
CPS3 Custom Sound, Speaker
Prima release:
Mame 0.116u4 del 05-lug-2007
Ultima release:
Mame 0.227 del 31-dic-2020
Clone di:
sfiii Street Fighter III: New Generation (Euro 970204)
Non richiesto
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sfiii Street Fighter III: New Generation (Euro 970204)
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  • Informazioni fornite da © Alexis Bousiges
    NOTA: Non sono disponibili contenuti in italiano
    Arcade Video game published 23 years ago:

    Street Fighter III - New Generation © 1997 Capcom Company, Limited.

    A New Generation of Street Fighters! Features larger characters sprites than previous Street Fighter games with the smoothest, most detailed 2-D animation ever made at the time of its release, a level of quality that is yet to be matched by any other 2-D game outside of the Street Fighter III series as of 2004; some complain that too many things are animated and each animation contains too many frames, slowing down the pace of the game.

    Capcom Play System III Hardware (CP-S III)
    Game ID: CP-S III No. 02
    CD Number: CAP-SF3000
    CD Label: CAP-SF3-3

    Main CPU: Hitachi SH2 (possibly 2)
    Storage: SCSI CD Rom, RAM and Flash ROM.
    RAM: SIMMs on the left w/ 16M of data each (each has 8x 16M Flash ROMs, there's 4 SIMMs plugged in on this board). SIMMs on the right w/ 8M each (there's 4 Flash ROMs on each board and there are 2 SIMMs plugged in)
    OSC: 60MHz. 42.9545MHz, XTAL 3.6864MHz.

    Players: 2
    Control: 8-Way Joystick
    Buttons: 6
    = > [1] LP (Jab), [2] MP (Strong), [3] HP (Fierce)
    = > [4] LK (Short), [5] MK (Forward), [6] HK (Roundhouse)

    Street Fighter III was released in February 1997.

    According to Capcom's flyer for this game, this game has character animations that are animated at 64 frames per second at the maximum.

    The marquee simply refers to this game as 'Three'.

    Sean was originally supposed to be the only fighter who used the Ryu and Ken's style in the game, Ken and Ryu were added in later by the demand of SF fans.

    The enigmatic hoax character Shen Long was revived in Street Fighter III after an issue of EGM that gave an incomplete strategy describing how to face him, and some doctored screen-shots that show Shen Long as an altered Ken or Ryu character model firing multiple hadou waves.

    Hugo, first introduced in "Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact", is present in the game code. Hugo is missing most of his animation frames and moves. His stage background from 2nd Impact is mostly intact, except that the background music being played is from Judgement Day - Gill's stage. Capcom presumably didn't have enough time to finish the Hugo character and decided to keep him for the sequel.

    The music from Alex's Stage (Jazzy NYC) contains the famous "Woo! Yeah!" voice sample from James Brown's "Think (About It)"; a sample that became a very popular and important component of Hip-Hop music, specially after the huge success of MC Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two" in the late 80's.

    • Alex:
    Talk's cheap. Bluffing will get you nowhere against me.
    You're tough, but you can't outlast the best.
    You arrogant imbecile, you slacked off right at the end.
    You thought you had a chance? C'mon, everyone knows you're no good.
    Just stay down. Don't try to stand up. You look pale!
    I don't know where you trained yourself, but you didn't train hard enough. Those moves suck!
    Damn! I can't believe how poorly I fought. Next time I will really beat the crap out of you!
    I didn't think I'd have such a hard time with you!
    I give my all no matter who I fight.
    Damn! Even my sparring partner lasts longer than that!
    You hit the ground right when I was about to go berserk. Lucky!
    You say you were out of form? Your excuses are out of control!
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: You may have mighty body blows, but you can't hit my vital organs.
    to Elena: If you want a man to like you, use those legs for something else.
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: You're a pathetic excuse for a ninja.
    to Ken: You may be fast, but not fast enough to elude my fists.
    to Necro: Your moves are almost as freakin' weird as you are.
    to Oro: Control your temper old man. I will ignore your piddly ass next time.
    to Ryu: You... you seem to live for the fight.
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yun: ?
    to Yang: You brothers sure are hot blooded! But you're both still lamers.

    • Dudley:
    You're down already? The spectators have asked for their shillings back!
    Shall I awaken you with the waters of the Thames River?
    Good show, but it's just not in your blood.
    No matter how many times we fight, I'll always pound your limey hide.
    To err is human, but to win is noble.
    This was my finest hour!
    'Cowards die often', or so it is said.
    The British spirit is an indomitable spirit!
    I put on the kettle, but you can't even last till tea time.
    Another uncouth lout falls between my fists and the pavement.
    It seems the grace of victory doesn't love you.
    How could you have given me such a tussle? 'Tis not my day! Time to go home!
    to Alex: Ah, I just can't stand ill-mannered goons who ignore their grooming!
    to Dudley: You dared to piss me off. Was it boldness, or stupidity?
    to Elena: Pardon me for my violent behavior... Lady...
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: Not a bad go of things... I enjoyed it, Samurai lass!
    to Ken: My apologies, but I have no chance but to maul sissy men like you!
    to Necro: At first glance you looked like a right good challenge. Appearances can decieve, eh?
    to Oro: By my honor, old man. I swear I did not pull any punches!
    to Ryu: Sad...The land of the Samurai must have fallen with you.
    to Sean: Such a greenhorn! You left your temple wide open! Bad form!
    to Urien:
    to Yang: When it comes to lightning action, the speed of boxing is unsurpassed.
    to Yun: Your fighting skills are equal to...child's play.

    • Elena:
    I think we can be friends. You think so too, right?
    Are you tone-deaf? I had trouble timing myself to your moves.
    I'll never forget about today's fight!
    African earth is my teacher. You must learn to respect it!
    Will you fight me again someday? I think it's wonderful!
    What did you think of my finishing move?
    Did you let me win? No one can be THAT bad.
    It was a great fight! I wanted it to last forever!
    I felt your rhythm!
    You don't have any rhythm!
    Maybe you should take up some other hobby. You could try mountain biking.
    I was pleased to have fought with you.
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: ?
    to Elena: I hate copycats!
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: ?
    to Ken: ?
    to Necro: ?
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: ?

    • Gill:
    If you tried harder, maybe you wouldn't fall so quickly. Pathetic!
    Ignorant of your own incompetence. What a fool!
    I should have been conquering worlds, not wasting time with the likes of you!
    I held back, and still you cower on the ground like a peon. What a waste of human life!
    Look into my eyes. I'll carve the mark of defeat on your brow.
    You actually made me pay attention to this fight for a moment.
    Not bad, but still you fall short of the perfection I embody.
    You call yourself well-trained? Obviously humans follow the wrong leaders.. Anyone but me!
    You did well, for one of the sheep. Challenge me again when you learn from your mistakes.
    Are you paralyzed yet? You're way below my expectations, but that's nothing new.
    I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to challenge me again.

    • Ibuki:
    Don't underestimate me!
    There's no second chance in the real fight!
    Devote yourself to your training.
    I'll beat you from behind next time!
    Even though I won, it was too close a fight.
    You don't have enough tenacity for the fight.
    Useless try. You were beaten from the beginning.
    Now that you know the special move of the Shinobi, I cannot let you live.
    I don't think you can understand what Shinobi moves are all about.
    Hesitation in a fraction of a second can kill you.
    I'm the best there is!
    It was my destiny to win.
    to Alex: So much for you, Macho Stud! You sure lost that Power Instinct!
    to Dudley: ?
    to Elena: You'll get into a lot of trouble if you fight in a half-hearted way.
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: ?
    to Ken: Your cute charms won't save you from defeat!
    to Necro: You use strange moves. Are you a Shinobi too?
    to Oro: May you live long, old man!
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: You're fast, but I'm faster.

    • Ken:
    What a reckless man you are! Don' try to execute a jump-kick against me!
    Now you've learned how to kick your opponent!
    It's the fighting sense that matters. Time off will never dull my instincts!
    It was already decided that I would win!
    I thought you had at least a little potential! It seems I was wrong!
    That was too easy!
    It's not that you were good! It's that I wasn't trying very hard!
    I must be getting old to allow someone of your weak ability to almost win!
    You were good! I almost broke a sweat.
    I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!
    You hurt me, but I hurt you worse!
    Don't be so depressed. You will get better with time.
    to Alex: You're not bad! But you're not so good either. Just average...
    to Dudley: Hey old man! Don't even think about fighting me again!
    to Elena: A lady like you shouldn't act so violently!
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: Did I do something that makes you hate me?
    to Ken: ?
    to Necro: You're so interesting...
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: I think we've fought too many times now. When will you accept that I'm better?
    to Sean: You have to learn the basic rules of fighting!
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: I like a naughty boy like you!

    • Necro:
    My rage was like a white inferno of anger. You will burn.
    Screw you bastard! I'm in pain! You'll wish you were never born!
    Damn, I can't believe I'm breathing hard after fighting your sorry ass!
    I'll win by any means necessary. I will survive!
    What are you looking at? What's your damn problem?
    Get outta my way or I'll tear you limb from limb.
    Apologize while you can idiot! Say you're sorry and I might forgive you for your crimes.
    Don't give me that punk ass attitude. You think I cheated!
    I can't believe you're already out! What am I supposed to do with all my rage now?
    So boring... I could spare change while kicking your ass without breaking a sweat.
    I warned you. You didn't listen. The masses of humanity will always suffer... at my hands!
    No mercy to weekend warriors and pansy freaks!
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: Thank you for being my punching bag. You're a true gentleman!
    to Elena: ?
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: ?
    to Ken: For some reason, I just don't like you blondie!
    to Necro: ?
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: I'm through playing kids games with you. Go home!

    • Oro:
    I used the minimum energy to insure victory.
    You were almost worthy of the lies you told about your ability.
    You have the power, you just don't know how to use it.
    You have to start by learning how to communicate with heaven and earth.
    It was over before I knew it. Too bad you weren't one of my students.
    You strain yourself too much. Fight without restraint and you will stand a chance.
    Show some respect to your elders, whippersnapper!
    Some call it unearthly abilities. I call it Senjitsu.
    I have no time to deal with cretins like you.
    I was truly pressed. First time in 10 years I've broken a sweat.
    Such a lack of challenge. I thought you had burning passion, but you are devoid of talent.
    to Alex: Don't judge your opponents by their appearance. You're just a cocky youth.
    to Dudley: Your uppercut you're so proud of moves in slow motion to my eyes.
    to Elena: I see potential in you girl. Come on, come closer.
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: You're vicious. Too vicious. You can't touch me.
    to Ken: Your fighting spirit is strong. If I could train you like a dog, you might become good some day.
    to Necro: Your screwed up face is only entertainment.
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: You remind me of my younger days. I must train you if you are to realize your potential.
    to Sean: You're so young! I envy your youth, but not your lack of skill.
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: ?

    • Ryu:
    It was a good fight. Challenge me again!
    These two fists are everything to me!
    I was not concentrating! I have not trained hard enough!
    Get up! Show me your true power!
    You're wounded. The hot springs can heal you quickly.
    Put everything you've got in your fist and challenge me!
    You still have a fighting spirit in your eyes. I look forward to our next battle. The world is big! There must be no limit to human strength.
    Your moves are sharp. But I'll deal with them later.
    This match... I think I've learned something from this. You're nothing.
    What? Out of stamina already?
    You can't beat me with those incomplete moves!
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: ?
    to Elena: Your body has a wonderful bounce to it!
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: Your ninjitsu differs from the Bushin style, but that's because you're not a guy.
    to Ken: ?
    to Necro: Those strange moves won't work on me, I've fought this guy from India!
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: ?

    • Sean:
    Hado power! I think I've come to understand it!
    Don't call me Dan!
    I did it master! I beat my first opponent!
    I must defeat everyone!
    I've reached my potential!
    When it comes to the fighting spirit, I can not lose!
    Shoryu-reppa! I'll perfect it next time!
    Rule#1: Never give up! Rule#2: Don't fight me! Rule#3: Don't be like Dan!
    I like close fights! It makes me stronger!
    I'm as fast as the wind, as fierce as fire, and as solid as a rock!
    You lack strength of purpose. Don't despise me!
    I must learn more. Where is Ken?
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: ?
    to Elena: ?
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: ?
    to Ken: ?
    to Necro: ?
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: Isn't Kung-fu supposed to be the best?
    to Yun: Unlike you, I try to defeat the opponent with one punch.

    • Yang:
    A close one. I almost let you win.
    I told you I was strong. You should listen to your superiors.
    I was itching for a good fight. Thanks! But next time make it a good fight, and not just a fight.
    I did it. No sweat.
    I've heard only he of serious mind wins fights. Your mind is a serious sieve.
    Try to look up at the sky. Don't look down or you'll become depressed as you see your lame body.
    Enough! I'm not going to waste my fists on your scurvy face.
    What's your problem? You want another fist in the face?
    Why am I so strong? Why are you so weak? Why is the sky blue?
    Some days are better than others. Today was bad for me but really bad for you.
    You want to try again? Sure, you'll just lose again.
    I paid you back for the injuries you inflicted on me three times over.
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: ?
    to Elena: When it comes to fighting, the lines between genders are blurred to me.
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: That ninja costume is wasted on your body.
    to Ken: ?
    to Necro: ?
    to Oro: ?
    to Ryu: ?
    to Sean: ?
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: ?

    • Yun:
    It's only natural that you lost. Rest now.
    I can't bear to watch your moves. They're too uncool for words.
    Everyone expects the true Kung-Fu master will win.
    For once in my life, I have a close one? I must have the sniffles or something.
    That was a close one. But you still screwed the pooch.
    Your attacks didn't even graze my skin.
    It's scary how perfect I am.
    Hey you! The one with the weak moves! Are you still alive?
    Whew, you scared me. This much.
    Sometimes I beat people up too much. Not again!
    Hey you! Are you done playing around yet?
    I've shown you the best moves I've got, the best Kung Fu in the whole world!
    to Alex: ?
    to Dudley: Your speed combined with your great weight is almost unfair. Almost.
    to Elena: I've beaten a girl. Grandfather will scold me.
    to Hugo: ?
    to Ibuki: You look good in that outfit, but good looks aren't everything.
    to Ken: Your moves are fun to look at, but easy to stop.
    to Necro: ?
    to Oro: Old man, you should be drinking hot tea or something rather than fighting.
    to Ryu: You look like you enjoyed being beat!
    to Sean: Your moves are hard, but they lack polish. You'd better tone up or you'll never win with that junk.
    to Urien: ?
    to Yang: ?
    to Yun: ?

    Here is the list of all versions:

    • US, Japan, Asia, and Hispanic releases.

    Additional Notes:

    The US version has the 'Recycle It, Don't Trash It!' screen.

    The Asian version has the "Voice Type" set to off by default in the System Configuration. This causes some Japanese utterances from the characters to be replaced with grunts or silence. Set to normal to restore the correct voices to the characters.

    • Play as Yang: Highlight Yun on the character select screen and then press any Kick button. If done correctly, Yun's character icon should change into Yang.

    • Street Fighter (1987)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior [B-Board 90629B] (1991)
    • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition [B-Board 91634B-2] (1992)
    • Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting [B-Board 91635B-2] (1992)
    • Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Green Board] (1993)
    • Super Street Fighter II Turbo [Blue Board] (1994)
    • Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams [Blue Board] (1995)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 [Blue Board] (1996)
    • Street Fighter III - New Generation (1997)
    • Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact: Giant Attack (1997)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Blue Board] (1998)
    • Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future (1999)
    • Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition [Green Board] (2003)
    • Street Fighter IV (2008)
    • Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition (2010)
    • Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)
    • Street Fighter V (2016)
    • Ultra Street Fighter II - The Final Challengers (2017, Switch)

    Character Designers: Hitoshi Nishio (T), Ball Boy, Q, Yu-Suke, Who, Toru Takaoka, G. Kamina, D-Kurita, Shibaki, Tsuyoshi, Yoshioka, Chun, Norihide, Chimorin Shogun, Yuki Ishikawa, Syuucyan, Ken, Koki K., Seiji Yano, Jun Ikawa, Otokonoyama
    Scroll Designers: Hiroyuki Imahori, Hiroki Ohnishi, Yoko Fukumoto, Yuki Kyotani, Tama, Chie Morisaki, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Koji Yamamoto, Yumiko N., Takako Nakamura, Yasuto Takahashi, Kazumi Teramoto, Tanoue Yoichi, Shinnosuke N., Naoko Niiyama
    Original Art Works: Akira Yasuda (Akiman), Kinu Nishimura
    Sound Effect: Satoshi Ise
    Music Composers: Hideki Okugawa, Yuki Iwai
    Programmers: Kazuhito Nakai, Nobuya Yoshizumi (LT1), Yuko Kawamura (Tate), Hiroshi Nakagawa, Hard. Yas (-Assist-), Akihiro Yokoyama
    CP-System III Programmer: Yoji Mikami (X68K)
    Planners: Seto Yasuhiro, Tomonori Ohmura (Numach the Nikolist), Shinichiro Obata (AE-86 Trueno), Malachie du Marais, Hidetoshi Ishizawa (Neo_G)

    • Voice Actors / Actress:
    Ryu, Yun Lee: Wataru Takagi
    Ken Masters, Yang Lee: Koji Tobe
    Sean Matsuda: Isshin Chiba
    Ibuki/Effie: Yuri Amano
    Elena: Kahoru Fujino
    Oro: Kan Tokumaru
    Alex, Necro: Michael X. Sommers
    Dudley, Gill: Bruce Robertson

    Translators: Matt Taylor, Erik Suzuki, Jesus Rodriguez Bueno, Harumi Yamashita
    Producer: Tomoshi Sadamoto
    General Producers: Noritaka Funamizu, Yoshiki Okamoto

    Special Thanks: Takuya Shiraiwa, Naoki Fukushima, Sayuri Shintani, Shoei, Sakomizu, Rita Rokos

    Sega Dreamcast [JP] (dec.16, 1999) "Street Fighter III W Impact [Model T-1211M]"
    [US] Sega Dreamcast (june.19, 2000) "Street Fighter III Double Impact [Model T-1210N]"
    Sega Dreamcast [EU] (sept.15, 2000) "Street Fighter III Double Impact" [Model T-7006D-50]"

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Street Fighter III: New Generation
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Street Fighter III: New Generation (USA 970204)
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